Who is Chai?

Who is Chai?

Chai is a subset of Cinnamon – the next step in the evolution of mesh bodies in Second Life.

She was created by a 3d artist with 14 years of experience running a successful business in Second Life.

Cinnamon and Chai are the culmination of that experience.

How does Chai differ from Cinnamon?

Cinnamon has a completely custom UV template to create better seam placement, less texture stretching, and asymmetry for skins, tattoos, alpha layers. Chai is a hybrid SL template and custom template. Chai’s feet are custom templates, fixing one of the biggest issues of the SL template.

As the feet are the only section of the template that are custom, the rest of Chai works with the SL base skins, alpha layers, tattoo layers, clothing layers, with the same compromises of the SL template.