Cinnamon and Chai Versions and Update Notes

Cinnamon and Chai use a 3 part version numbering system for both body and HUD

Addon clothing and accessories will not be included in this system. They rarely need updating and if they do it is usually a minor fix to the mesh or weighting.

The version numbers are structured as follows:


or 1.0.0

(This is the major released version of Cinnamon and Chai.)

A major version usually happens when the body is changed enough that it is no longer backwards compatible with previous versions or content. This isn’t very likely to change over the course of this body’s lifetime, but never say never. 🙂

Minor versions occur when something changes in the system that changes the way it works either customer facing or internal ie: a change in the way the scripts work.

When we do this kind of change, we will increment the version number like so:


A hotfix is a tweak to something that can be done quickly and has an immediate customer facing impact. ie: a script is broken and causing the body to throw an error, or a tweak to the UV to make textures sit better, or some button on the HUD isn’t working as expected.

When we do this kind of change, we will increment the version number like so:


The hotfix is the most common type of change you will see with this body system.

When the bodies are updated, and the version numbers incremented, you will be able to view the date, version number and details of the updates below.

As always, updates are available through the redelivery terminals in Slink and Cinnamon&Chai by requesting the item from your purchase history.

Release versions:

Cinnamon body – 1.0.0

Cinnamon HUD – 1.0.0

Chai body – 1.0.0

Chai HUD – 1.0.0


09 December 2021 – Cinnamon and Chai HUD Hotfix

Cinnamon and Chai HUD only – Version 1.0.1

  • Renamed the included EvoX skins to Blenders to avoid confusion with full skins (they are skins with neck blenders)