Extreme Heels – now available at Cinnamon & Chai

New in Cinnamon & Chai today are these rather… Extreme heels! But don’t mistake them for dangerous shoes. They may LOOK dangerous but they are actually very comfortable and you are at no risk of breaking your ankle in these gorgeous babies.

Keep reading for details about our special offer group and subscriber gifts for this shoe release!

I have released them in 8 buttery soft shiny leather colours to go with your Holey Latex Dress. They also include a set made perfectly for Slink Mid/Deluxe/Female Redux feet!

8 gorgeous leathers

As well as 8 exotic varieties to suit your wildest moods.

No tigers, crocodiles, leopards, zebra or precious metals were harmed in the making of these shoes

Because I made a whole bunch of textures for these very fun heels, I decided to release a couple of gifts for group members and subscriber members! You will find them on the wall behind the landing point!

There is also a special hidden easter egg. See if you can find it! ♥