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Cinnamon And Chai Creators Guides

How to apply for the Cinnamon and Chai Developers Kit

If you have previously applied for and been approved for a Slink Deveopers Kit, you will be added to the mailing list that we will use to send the Cinnamon and Chai kits and details. The download link for the non-SL component is included in this kit. You will also be able to deliver it to yourself if you misplaced the inworld kit by visiting the store and clicking the Kit Redelivery sign.

If you have not previously applied for the Slink (and Cinnamon&Chai) developers kit and been given access to the discord channel, please put in an application here.


Mesh Builders Tutorials

Read the below link for setting up Cinnamon and Chai in your Avastar Devkit Manager.

How to setup the Avastar Devkit Manager for Cinnamon and Chai

The below tutorial covers how to convert, skin and script shoes for Cinnamon & Chai

How to convert existing shoes and create new shoes for Cinnamon and Chai

Read below to learn how to convert and create clothing items for Cinnamon & Chai

How to convert existing clothing and create new clothing for Cinnamon and Chai

Cinnamon and Chai are fully Bakes on Mesh. Therefore you need to provide alpha layers for your clothing. Read the tutorials below for the easiest and fastest method.

How to create alpha layers for Cinnamon and Chai

How to create alpha layers for SLUV, Cinnamon and Chai using UDIM tiles and texture baking!

Skin and other Bakes on Mesh Texture Tutorials

Converting textures to a new UV can be daunting and time-consuming. I have made it super simple in the below tutorial.

How to convert existing SL skins using Blender and UDIM Tiles

Here is another method to convert your skins to Chai and Cinnamon. It’s not quite as easy and fast as the above one, but maybe it suits you better!

How to convert existing skins and create new skins for Cinnamon and Chai

How to bake textures with transparency (stockings, freckles, scars, tattoos etc) from the SLUV to Chai and Cinnamon using Blender and Photoshop, and the UDIM Baker plugin.

How to convert existing transparent layers to Cinnamon&Chai

Appliers Tutorials

Cinnamon and Chai only use applier layers for a few things. Below is a tutorial to help you create skin materials appliers (shiny and bump) once you have converted them using the above methods!

How to create appliers for Cinnamon and Chai skin materials

You have always been able to create nail appliers for Slink, and those HUD’s will also work on Cinnamon and Chai’s nails. I have redesigned the method for creating a HUD and generating the config data to make it much faster and easier. Read below.

Also included in the Cinnamon and Chai kit – for convenience – are new scripts and help for creating lashes and HD lip textures for the Slink Visage heads, which are a perfect match for Cinnamon and Chai.

About Your Branding

In order for your customers to know whether you are creating for Cinnamon and Chai, you should include certain wording in your vendors, and in your product names. Please feel free to use the examples below to create names for your products that will make sense to our customers!

Product names in folders

For mesh Creations –

[yourbrand] name and colour of product [CinnChai] OR [yourbrand] name and colour of product [Cinnamon&Chai]

For skins and other textures you need to differentiate between Cinnamon and Chai or your customers will look all kinds of weird!

[yourbrand] name and colour of product [Cinnamon] OR [yourbrand] name and colour of product [Chai]

System layers cannot be [Cinnamon & Chai], the UV templates are incompatible.

Vendor branding

On your vendor you should either include either of the the pink Cinnamon&Chai logos which you can find in your kit, or you should include the words Cinnamon&Chai on your list of supported body parts.

It is recommended to use both names so that customers wearing either will know what is supported.

Access the Cinnamon body and Chai feet UV templates for use on your own mesh body build. Please read the terms of the licence carefully!