Cinnamon and Chai UV template licence information

An Open Letter to Mesh Body creators in Second Life

The UV template for the SL avatar has always been problematic. We have been asking Linden Lab to change it for years now with varying levels of un-success.

I am personally very tired of it. I’ve been working with this template since 2007 and I know some of you have been even longer. I am tired of the horrible ankles and single foot, tired of trying to match up front and back leg seams, I am tired of the single arm template with 2 seams, I am tired of the stretching at the side of the breasts, tired of the mismatched seam at the waist, tired of the limited space between the legs.

I am tired of working around these issues with the SL avatar template and I decided with Cinnamon to free myself from them.

I created for her a UV template that makes sense. She has 2 arms and 2 feet, no stretching on the side of the breasts, no horrible twisted up distorted ankles. One seam on the legs and arms instead of 2. And the best part about it is, she will work with the same 3 texture slots that we are used to in the skin and tattoo layers. The head remains unchanged, her trunk (shoulders to hips front and back) live on the upper body slot, and her legs and arms live on the lower body slot. It works like a dream, and looks amazing for everything from tiny skin details to patterned leggings to tattoos that can be different from left to right arm and left to right foot, and seamless between the feet and the ankles.

For these reasons, I have decided to release the UV templates under a Creative Commons licence, so if you are building your own mesh body, you can use the templates to make your body work with my UV. You can read about it below!

Licence Details and Download

Cinnamon and Chai are protected under International Copyright Law.

I have released the “Cinnamon Trunk and Limbs” template and the “Chai Feet” Template under the Creative Commons – Attribute 4.0 licence. These templates include the UV Island borders, and major body landmarks, with labels and colour guides for matching up your seams.

Mesh body creators may use these layouts to adapt their bodies to use Bakes on Mesh skins and other textures made for Cinnamon and Chai.

You must attribute these layouts to Cinnamon and Chai by Siddean Munro, and link back to this website. I have provided the licence text below.

Even if your geometry differs from mine, you may not claim these UV templates as your own creations. This licence does not include the physical body mesh, geometry, weighting, shape, HUD design or scripting, or any other part of the Cinnamon&Chai product or developers kits.

Download the Licensed Cinnamon & Chai Templates

You must copy the following text into your release notices and product information.


The Cinnamon and Chai Templates by Siddean Munro are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at


The Cinnamon UV by Siddean Munro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The Chai Feet UV by Siddean Munro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.