Cinnamon & Chai FAQ

Cinnamon & Chai FAQ

Q: Who do I contact for help with Cinnamon & Chai?

If you need direct help using the body system, please contact CinnamonChaiCS or Siddean Munro directly by IM or notecard.

Q: Why isn’t Cinnamon a free upgrade?

A: Cinnamon is a completely new body system, not included under the Slink body system or Slink brand umbrella. She is not compatible with anything made for Slink or any other bodies, aside from nail appliers and heads, and she is not compatible with any of the SL templates. Chai is partially compatible with SL skin templates.

Q: Is Cinnamon compatible with SL skins?

A: No. Cinnamon has a completely customised UV Template to fix some of the worst issues with the existing SL template. As such, she requires a custom skin. There are a number of skins already included, and we have provided a very simple method of converting existing skins to the Cinnamon and Chai layouts.

Q: Why does my skin look weird when I wear Cinnamon?

A: Cinnamon has a custom UV template. She won’t fit with skins made for the SL avatar or contemporary mesh bodies. You need to wear a skin made for Cinnamon. There are a number of skins included, when you press the [skins] button on the HUD to deliver the folder, or you can find skins made by our wonderful skin creators on the Cinnamon & Chai Compatible Items page. Only wear Cinnamon skins with the Cinnamon body.

This is how Cinnamon looks with default skin

Q: What are the Lelutka EvoX skins for?

A: These are actually skin blender layers that you can wear if you wear a Lelutka EvoX head with a custom skin. I have made the neck section compatible with the Lelu EvoX head, and you can wear the layer and tint it to match the skin you are wearing with the head already. They are not complete skins, you still need a head skin!

Q: Who is Chai?

A: Chai is the version of the Cinnamon body that is mostly compatible with the SL skins, the only difference being her feet now have a custom UV rather than the SL compatible UV that you are used to. You may wear Chai with your own SL skin, and wear one of the included feet tattoo options to match your Chai feet with your regular SL skins.

Q: Is Chai compatible with SL Skins?

A: Chai is a hybrid – meaning she is partially compatible with SL skins. To wear your non-Chai SL skin with Chai, you need to also wear one of the foot blender layers included with Chai to work with her feet.

Q: Why do my body or feet look weird when I wear Chai?

Chai will not work with skins made for Cinnamon. She will work with skins made for the SL avatar and contemporary mesh bodies with one exception – her feet. If you press the [skins] button you will find a number of ankle blenders included in the folder that you can wear with your SL skin and the Chai body. The ankle layers are tintable and can be set to match your own skin. You can also find skins made by our wonderful skin creators on the Cinnamon & Chai Compatible Items page

Q: Why do the hips get wider when I make the butt slider smaller?

A: the weighting in the backside and hip area is designed primarily to work with physics. As a result, when you bring the butt slider down towards 0, there is some widening of the hips, due to the way the bone is designed to move in the skeleton in response to the sliders. The hips start to widen at around slider 25 so I recommend not to bring the butt slider below that mark. You can also bring your saddlebag slider down to mitigate the widening of the lower butt slider to some extent.

Q: Why do my feet look distorted when I wear Cinnamon or Chai?

A: Cinnamon and Chai have animated feet. The bones that I have used to make these animated feet work are affected by the sliders in the system shoe layers. You don’t need to wear system shoes with these bodies at all so please remove them! If you need to move your avatar up or down in relation to the ground, you can use the Hover Height setting under the right click avatar menu.

Q: Why do the breasts flatten at lower breast slider values?

A: This is a problem with the way the bones inside the SL Skeleton move when the breast sliders are changed. Instead of just getting smaller as they should, they get smaller, move inside the body and then point downwards. I don’t know why Linden Lab made this particular decision but I hope that one day they will fix it. In the meantime, you can achieve a smaller chest by setting your body fat slider at 0, bringing your breast size down to 20 or so, your gravity up to maximum and your cleavage to around 80. However, keep in mind that Cinnamon is not designed to be a tiny chested lady 🙂

Q: Where can I find items that are compatible with Cinnamon & Chai?

A: you can find a list of creators along with their links here. You will also find a link to our flickr group for compatible creations on this page. If you join the Cinnamon & Chai inworld group, you can receive notices when creators send their new releases to the group.

Q: Will there be alpha cuts added to Cinnamon & Chai?

A: Alpha Cuts were an old workaround to a problem that no longer exists in Bakes on Mesh compatible bodies – that of hiding the body so it doesn’t clip through clothing. Chai has a very limited number of alpha cuts to allow for her arms to be hidden asymmetrically. Cinnamon doesn’t and won’t have alpha cuts.

Alpha layers should be created alongside the mesh clothing item and included by the clothing creator. Alpha cuts can never do what alpha layers are capable of doing, and they add a whole lot of overhead to the rendering cost of the body and cause SL to be much much laggier and more unpleasant for everyone. One of the developers of the Firestorm viewer – Beq Janus – has written a very thorough blog about why alpha cuts are bad, bad news for SL. Cinnamon will not support this method of masking skin for mesh clothing attachments.

An example of what Alpha Layers can do that Alpha Cuts will never be able to replicate

Q: Can I use Slink store credits to purchase Cinnamon?

A: Yes you can. The vendors work as they do in the Slink Mainstore and you can top up your credit at the terminals as always. If you have accrued credit with the Slink Store, you can use it on the Cinnamon and Chai vendors. You can also manage your credit through the Slink terminals or the Cinnamon and Chai terminals.

If you need to redeliver one of your purchases you can do so at the Redeliveries and Updates terminal.

The credit and updates terminals in the Cinnamon store entrance

Q: Are the Slink bodies going away?

A: No. Slink is Slink and Cinnamon is Cinnamon. They are separate products. Slink bodies will be available in the Slink Mainstore, and Cinnamon & Chai will be available in the Cinnamon & Chai store. If you read that I am “retiring Slink” it is incorrect.

Q: Can I use Slink or Omega appliers with Cinnamon and Chai?

A: The only appliers that will work with Cinnamon and Chai are Slink compatible nail appliers. There are thousands and thousands of nail appliers on the market for Slink hands and feet, so we have made these available for Cinnamon and Chai. Likewise, nails made for Cinnamon and Chai will work on Slink hands and feet. Omega appliers will not work with Cinnamon and Chai.

The option to make Cinnamon and Chai specific specular and normal maps for skins is available in the developers kit.

Q: Can I wear Slink compatible shoes with Cinnamon?

A: Slink fit shoes will not fit Cinnamon & Chai. Shoes made for Cinnamon and Chai will not work with Slink or any other mesh feet in SL.

Q: Can I wear Slink compatible clothing with Cinnamon & Chai?

A: Cinnamon and Chai are identical to each other in terms of mesh clothing fit and weighting, however they are very different to the Slink bodies. Slink compatible clothing will need to be converted to fit Cinnamon & Chai.

Q: Will there be a small breast/pregnancy/other addon for Cinnamon and Chai?

A: There are no plans for extra addons to change Cinnamon’s fundamental body shape. She is who she is and she may not suit everyone. Cinnamon is compatible with the SL avatar body sliders for customisation of your shape.

Q: Is there a male version of Cinnamon?

A: No – Cinnamon is Cinnamon. There are no other body type versions of her. If there is a male body in the future he will have his own identity.

Q: How can I create for Cinnamon and Chai?

You can find all the information for creating for Cinnamon and Chai on our Creators Info page