Cinnamon And Chai Creators Guides

Setting up the Avastar Devkit Manager for Cinnamon&Chai

Follow the instructions below or watch the youtube tutorial here:

  • In a clean blender scene. delete the default cube (select it and press X or delete), then open the Avastar panel using N and selecting the Avastar tab. Find the Developer Kit Manager section and open it.
  • Once you have the Developer Kit Manager open, click Add/Edit Configuration. The preferences box will open up. Scroll until you find the General Info section.
  • Click the little open folder box and navigate to where you saved the kit files.
  • Select the .dae file you want to import – in this case the file is called Cinnamon&Chai Body Kit Flat Foot.dae (this may be slightly different in the final kit names)
  • Enter the Brand as Cinnamon&Chai and the model to Flat Foot (or whichever you are importing). Uncheck “Use SL head” (the Cinnamon&Chai .dae files include a weighted head substitute) and then press Add/Replace Devkit preset. Save your preferences and exit the preferences window.
  • Back in your Blender scene, you will find there is a new entry under your Devkit Manager.
  • Select it and the body you just loaded into the manager will load into the scene.
  • From here there are a couple of things you need to change in order to work with mesh clothing and this kit.
  • Under the avastar menu “Workflows” set the workflow to “Skin and Weight”
  • Under the “Rig Display” menu turn off the “Origin” bone
  • Under the “Deform Bone Groups” section, enable “Hands” and “Volume”

You are now ready to start creating with this Devkit.

About Your Branding

In order for your customers to know whether you are creating for Cinnamon and Chai, you should include certain wording in your vendors, and in your product names. Please feel free to use the examples below to create names for your products that will make sense to our customers!

Product names in folders

♥ For mesh Creations –

[yourbrand] name and colour of product [CinnChai] OR [yourbrand] name and colour of product [Cinnamon&Chai]

For skins and other textures you need to differentiate between Cinnamon and Chai or your customers will look all kinds of weird!

[yourbrand] name and colour of product [Cinnamon] OR [yourbrand] name and colour of product [Chai]

♥ System layers can not be [Cinnamon & Chai], the UV templates are incompatible.

Vendor branding

On your vendor you should either include the pink Cinnamon&Chai logo which you can find in your kit, or you should include the words Cinnamon&Chai on your list of supported body parts.

It is recommended to use both names so that customers wearing either will know what is supported.