Will you become Cinnamon?

Who is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is not merely a body. She is a lifestyle, a persona, a fantasy, a mask, and her truest self!

She is my magnum opus after 14 years of experience – building, thinking, learning and growing as a Second Life content creator.

When I imagined Cinnamon I wanted to throw out all of the conventions and restrictions that we in Second Life have just learned to live with, and draw on everything I have learned over my 14 years as a Second Life creator, teacher and digital artist, and incorporate the fantastic technological advances that Linden Lab has given us, to create my dream body. I hope she will be yours as well.

Siddean Munro

What are Cinnamon’s best assets? (aside from *ahem* the obvious)

Seamless fit with heads from many SL brands

Cinnamon only has one neck fitting, designed to fit seamlessly with most modern heads in SL, including Slink heads.

True asymmetrical UV

Cinnamon has a fully custom, true asymmetrical UV template, allowing for the ultimate freedom in asymmetrical skins, tattoos and alpha layers.

Beautiful full realistic bosom with 5 types of nipples. Your choice.

Choose between flat, average, erect, puffy or inverted nipples for your perfect look. Wear Cinnamon with the included physics layer for the most realistic movement and gravity.

Sideboob stretching is a thing of the past.

The custom UV allows me to fix some of the issues inherent with the Second Life standard avatar template. Chief among these is the stretching we have always had on the side of the breast. Cinnamon’s redesigned template fixes this problem.

Curvy, realistic fleshy skin.

Designing a new body from scratch allows me to put the geometry exactly where it’s needed. Cinnamon has some beautiful curves that respond to lighting and movement in a very realistic way.

Smooth curves at any slider settings.

Based on 10 years of experience and customer/creator feedback alike, I have designed Cinnamon’s weighting from scratch, meaning more control over how the sliders affect the body. You can set the sliders close to the extreme ends and still maintain a lovely shape.

Smooth, seamless waist

One of the significant benefits of designing Cinnamon from the ground up is the ability to place texture seams where I want them, instead of where the Second Life Template dictates they should go. As such, I have eliminated the waist seam altogether. No more texture mismatch between the torso and the pelvis.

Tintable skins in many tones included

Because Cinnamon has a completely new and custom UV template, none of the skins currently available in Second Life will fit her. I have included a large selection of carefully crafted, handpainted skins for you to choose from, both with and without head skins and tintable layers so you can match your favourite head skin with your new Cinnamon body.

All new polish for Cinnamon

I have designed a set of new polish for Cinnamon, included on her HUD. However, all of your Slink nail polish appliers will work on Cinnamon’s fingernails and toenails.

Curvy, pert and dimply bottom

I don’t know about you, but I love a dimply bottom. Cinnamon has dimples in all the right places! She was built with bottom physics in mind , so just wear the included physics layer for a realistic jiggle, or adjust it to suit your taste.

The prettiest little knees

Designing the body from scratch once again allows me to create the geometry where I need it. In this case, shapely knees with detail where it matters.

Seamless ankles!

Another benefit of designing from scratch and throwing out all of the expected conventions and backwards compatibility with regards to the SL template and fitting existing content. Cinnamon has completely smooth, seamless ankles and a UV template that is very friendly to patterns. Now you can wear gorgeous fishnets, or cute designs and fabrics with absolutely NO distortion at the ankles. No seam, no stretching, no compromises.

True asymmetrical feet!

Cinnamon’s custom UV allows me to give her 2 feet on the template. Imagine it! 2 feet! This means true asymmetry in tattoos, skins, clothing layers should you wish, alpha layers. And the template layout makes sense.

Natural foot animations!

Gone are the days of carrying around 8 extra feet. That is a sentence you will not read anywhere else! I have gone back to the drawing board with Cinnamon and completely re-designed how I do feet in Second Life. Cinnamon’s feet are animated, and can use static animations for shoes, and regular animations for natural movement when barefoot. While she will release with 5 static shoe animations, this opens up the possibility of any number/combination of animations for shoes in the future. The sky is the limit!

One of the easiest and most permissive creators kits in SL

One of the things I have learned over the years is that an easy to access and easy to use creators kit is key. Content creators are the lifeblood of Second Life and it is my goal to ensure that they have the tools they need to support the bodies that they choose to support. To that end, Cinnamon has one of the easiest to use and most permissive kits in Second Life. You can build around the body, use it to create shoes, clothing, accessories, or you can paint directly on it for skins, tattoos, system layer clothing and alpha layers. I have even included the easiest free method of converting existing textures to the new UV templates.

Access to the Cinnamon body and Chai feet UV templates for your own mesh body build

I have released the templates for Cinnamon’s Trunk and Legs UV, and the Chai Feet UV so that mesh body creators can apply them to their own mesh bodies! Please read the licence information carefully.